Where Can You Sail on a Budget?

Where Can You Sail on a Budget? photo

Cruise holidays might evoke images of luxury and decadence but it doesn't mean they have to be out of your price range. Thanks to the array of budget friendly packages and last minute cruises there is an excellent range of affordable cruise destinations to choose from.


Stunning scenery, fascinating historic sites and captivating local culture; a cruise holiday to Egypt ticks all the boxes without destroying your bank balance. This cruise covers locations like the luxurious resort town of Sharm el Sheikh, where the fascinating sands of the Sahara desert are only a short journey from the azure Red Sea waters.

You'll also venture to regions like Safaga; a resort destination that's perfect for watersport fanatics offering everything from windsurfing to deep sea diving.

The Corals and Ancient Treasures Cruise from Cumbria Cruise sets sail with the Costa Voyager which is well recognised in this area and has an excellent list of onboard entertainment and facilities.

Western Caribbean

Few destinations in the world offer the luxury and ambience of a holiday to the Caribbean. Many of the former colonial outposts in this region offer a fascinating blend of old English culture with the laid-back native way of life – think playing a match of cricket underneath palm trees.

Starting in the bustling beachside city of Miami, Western Caribbean Cruises venture to Key West Florida; a festive island of culinary treasures and fun-filled nightlife. Be sure to sample the delicious Key Lime pie, as well join in for a round of poker in the legendary bars and clubs.

Finally, stop off at picturesque Cozumel to try your hand at diving or any number of other watersports. There are also plenty of open air cafes, colourful marketplaces and beautiful stretches of sand to while away the hours when out of the sea.

Sailing onboard the Carnival Imagination with Cumbria Cruise there's no shortage of things to keep every passenger entertained during a Western Caribbean getaway.

Canary Islands

One of the setbacks of travelling to the Canary Islands is not knowing which island to explore first. Options including the Canary Islands Celebration Cruise from Cumbria Cruise offer a snapshot of the best that the archipelago has to offer. Setting sail from Hamburg or Southampton the cruise docks at Lisbon and Cadiz before making its way to the tropical island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Las Palmas on Gran Canaria is the next stop, featuring some of the most striking and diverse scenery on earth. Ranging from dry volcanic deserts to snow-capped mountains, lush pineapple plantations to spectacular beaches, Gran Canaria is an outdoors lovers' dream.

Perfectly located between Africa, Spain and Europe, the Canary Islands have also developed a cuisine which is a delicious hybrid of these different locations. Travelling on board the Queen Victoria, passengers can expect equal measures of excitement and entertainment. Onboard facilities include a great selection of restaurants, gym and exercise facilities as well as entertainment venues like a casino, disco and Children's play area.