Stunning Attractions in Malta

Stunning Attractions in Malta photo

Home to nine world heritage sites, Malta might be a tiny country, but it's certainly a gorgeous one. Its incredibly diverse history goes back beyond 5,000 BC, when it was settled by Stone Age hunters and farmers who arrived from nearby Sicily.

Ever since, the country has experienced a rich and varied history, which has helped it to develop some incredible attractions, causing it to remain a tourist hotspot throughout its modern life. Here, we look at some of the stunning attractions in this fantastic location, for a real holiday teaser.


Founded in 1566, Valletta reflects Malta's "small but mighty" character. The city, which is the capital of Malta, is only one square kilometre large, but still manages to squeeze in palaces, forts, museums, restaurants, cafes, churches and national monuments.

St. John's Co-Cathedral, built in the 16th century and designed internally, by artist Matteo Pretti, is one of Valletta's most pristinely beautiful attractions. Formally home to the Knights of St. John, the cathedral also hosts one of Europe's most famous pieces of art: ‘The Beheading of St. John the Baptist', painted by Caravaggio.


Just a short 30-minute ferry ride from the north of Malta, Gozo might only have a population of 30,000, but this means it has retained its cultural atmosphere, untouched by large developments.

It boasts an absolutely beautiful countryside, perhaps the prettiest in all of Malta, and is popular for offering tourists the chance to stay in large converted farmhouses. This is perhaps why the island has a reputation as something of a "hidden gem" amongst regular visitors to the region.

While you're here, be sure to see the famous archaeology museum; one of the largest in Malta. If you fancy a walk, take a trip from Gozo to Camino and take in its legendary Blue Lagoon. The deep blue colour simply begs to be photographed and Camino is generally quite uninhabited, so it's an excellent place for a romantic walk.

Ancient Temples

Malta boasts a wide range of serene, historic temples and these make excellent sites to visit while you're in the country. The best place to start is Heritage Malta: the organisation which promotes the country's greatest historic assets.

The Inquisitor's Palace, built around 1574, is a prime example of the historical legacy and has been used as a residential mansion, an army outpost during the French occupation, and even a hospital. It's the only building of its type that is open to the public, ensuring it always receives a steady flow of guests.

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