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Family Friendly Barcelona

Family Friendly Barcelona Tags: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a great place to take your kids. There's no shortage of things to do with children, and many of them are free.

Photos of Barcelona

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Gaudi Park Barcelona - Barcelona photo
A Gaudi Mosaic - Barcelona photo
Gaudi Architecture - Parc Güell - Barcelona photo
Mosiac Handrail - Barcelona photo
The Outdoors Life - Barcelona - Barcelona photo
Park Life - Barcelona - Barcelona photo

Photos of Bubion

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A Menacing Sky - Bubion photo
The Hills of Bubion - Bubion photo
On the Doorstep - Bubion photo
Steep Lane - Bubion - Bubion photo
Local Homewares For Sale - Bubion photo
White Stone Houses - Bubion photo

Photos of Cabo de Gato

Check out all 4 photos of Cabo de Gato.

Black Cat - Cabo de Gato photo
A Cool Drink - Cabo de Gato photo
Fat Cat - Cabo de Gato photo
A Cabo de Gata Kitten - Cabo de Gato photo

Photos of Capileira

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Cobbled Lanes - Capileira - Capileira photo
Capileira - Capileira photo
Shuttered Windows - Capileira photo

Photos of Granada

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Midnight in Granada - Granada photo
Cerveceria International - Grenada - Granada photo
Granada by Streetlight - Granada photo
Pot Plants - Granada photo
Umbrellas - Granada photo
On the Phone in the Rain - Granada photo

Photos of Madrid

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Book Store - Malasaña - Madrid photo
Gran Via Metro - Madrid photo
Outdoor Bookshop - Madrid photo
A Lunchtime Stroll - Madrid photo
Alfresco Dining - Madrid - Madrid photo
Newsagent - Madrid - Madrid photo

Photos of Semana Santa - Granada

Check out all 31 photos of Semana Santa - Granada.

A Hooded Penitent - Semana Santa - Granada photo
Christ on the Cross - Semana Santa - Granada photo
Mother Mary and the Light - Semana Santa - Granada photo
Mother Mary - Semana Santa - Granada photo
A Hooded Penitent - Semana Santa - Granada photo
Hooded Men - Semana Santa - Granada photo

Photos of Valencia

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Handing Out Flyers - Valencia photo
Enjoying a Beer at a Cafe - Valencia photo
A Fountain - Valencia - Valencia photo
Peluqueria - Valencia - Valencia photo
A Moped and a Stop Sign - Valencia photo
Plaza Redonda - Valencia - Valencia photo