Istanbul After Dark

Istanbul After Dark photo

A Guide to the Hippest Hotspots and Coolest Clubs

Istanbul is one of the most popular destinations in all of Eastern Europe for nighttime activities. The city itself is comprised of an eclectic mix of both the ancient and the modern, with timeless architecture punctuated by twentieth century modernity. During the daylight hours, the sights and smells of this exotic city serve to dazzle the eye and tempt the palate and by evening these surroundings are transformed into a glittery display of music, cocktails and dancing certain to surprise even the most seasoned party-goer. Let us have a closer look at some of the hottest spots and coolest clubs that Istanbul has to offer.

Seaside Clubs

What better way to enjoy an evening filled with drink and music than to frequent some of the most hip clubs Turkey's waterfront? One of the most well-known stops is Club Angelique. This location is actually a three storey mansion and is as famous for its wide selection of food and drink as it is for the dance club which is located on the third floor.

Another venue not to be missed is the Blackk Restaurant and Lounge. One of the aspects that makes Blackk so unforgettable is its eighteenth century design coupled with a more modernistic flavour. This more laid-back location is perfect for a quick bite before heading out dancing or simply as a way to enjoy a mellow Friday night while enjoying a panoramic view of the Bosphorus just outside.

City Clubs

While Istanbul enjoys the privilege of being one of Turkey's only major seaside cities, there is much more to enjoy than views of the Bosphorus alone. The city centre plays host to some of the largest and most happening clubs. The club Babylon is perhaps one of the largest indoor performance centres in all of Turkey. Performances here vary widely; from indie pop to jazz, electronic and Arab vibes. Although they do not serve food, the cocktail bar will keep patrons from going thirsty and as there is no entrance fee, Babylon is easy on the ears and the wallet. Furthermore, the cities top accommodation like the Grand Hyatt Istanbul Hotel are never far off should one feel the need for a bit of a break from the excitement.

Should dancing be on the roster for an evening, Indigo Blue may be the destination of choice. This 400 square metre dance hall can accommodate up to 600 people at any given time and combines technology with a sense of minimalism. Although DJ's regularly regularly mix some of the most trendy and entrancing music, live concerts are also held from time to time. These audio and visual experiences alone keep patrons returning for more.

One of the most desirable spots to enjoy an unforgettable evening is a club simply called 360. Located on the top penthouse floor of an old nineteenth century apartment complex, 360 offers breathtaking views of the Bosphorus on one side and the Sea of Marmara on the other. Guests are privy to every amenity that 360 has to offer and they pride themselves on offering second-to-none culinary delights while their patrons party into the early hours of the morning.