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Munich The Sophisticated Village

Munich  The Sophisticated Village Tags: Munich, Germany

In many ways, Munich, situated at the southern end of the Romantic Road, remains a sophisticated village of over a million people. Most people associate Germany's third-largest city with beer drinking. And so they should. It's probably got more beer halls than any other city in the country, plus it draws thousands of people to its famous annual celebration, Oktoberfest. But the city has so much more to offer.

Museum Hopping in Hamburg

Museum Hopping in Hamburg Tags: Hamburg, Germany

In many ways, Hamburg is far off the trodden European tourist path. Perhaps it's northernly location sets it apart from its more visited cousins. But with one of the most important harbors in Europe, the city takes great pride in its mercantile past — a past that has increased the city's wealth over the centuries, making it one of the richest in Europe. The combination of city pride and riches has enabled Hamburg to offer some of the most intriguing museums of any city its size.

A Quick Guide to Munich

A Quick Guide to Munich Tags: Munich, Germany

One of Germany's biggest and most beautiful cities, Munich certainly has a lot to offer travellers - whether they're just taking a weekend city break or staying for a longer holiday. This quick guide only scratches the surface of what there is to do in Munich: you'll discover much more once you get there!

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