€3 European City Guides For Travel Site and Apps

€3 European City Guides For Travel Site and Apps photo

B2B travel content solutions provider, The Travel Gadget has begun selling phase 1 content from its database of mini city guides, for a price of €3 EUR per guide.

Each of the proposed 1,000 mini city guides will contain a professionally-written 80-120 word city description, official city tourism website links and city latitude and longitude data, making it easy for developers to drop them directly onto a map.

Phase 1 of the project comprises 200 city guides featuring a range of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Below are two examples; The Travel Gadget city descriptions for Brussels and Florence.


Multi-lingual Brussels is not only the hub of Belgium and the centre of the European Union - it is a many faceted microcosm of Europe. It is a city which showcases many eras and styles and it is this wonderful variety which lies at the heart of its appeal for many visitors. It is a city of winding, romantic alleyways and tree shaded streets which are easily explored on foot. Medieval exteriors conceal modern decors and many of its best shops stand behind understated facades. The city's beer cafés are centres of conviviality. It's a cosy, intimate and tolerant city, a gourmet's Garden of Eden, an architect's forum and a browser's paradise. A major part of the city's charm is its down to earth, unassuming people. They avoid overstatement and delusions of grandeur and welcome visitors with open arms. (139 words)


Beautiful Florence is renowned for many things. It is a city of Arts, the jewel of the Renaissance and a symbol of Tuscan pride which epitomises that region's grace and refinement. Next to the warm tangerine hues of Rome, the pastels of Venice and the rainbow colors of Naples, the Tuscan capital is a study in neutrals. Florence resembles a huge art museum for inside its fortress palazzi reside countless art treasures. For this reason it has long been a favourite of artists and art students as well as a must visit destination for those in search of the finer artistic aspects of life. Its citizens are reserved with an innate sense of dignity and pride and like their city they have a remarkable sense of style that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. (134 words)

"We understand there are some high quality, quite detailed city guides already available for syndication. We don't see ourselves as direct competition in that market. Our listings are obviously quite lightweight in comparison; city introductions rather than detailed city guides. We believe our pricing structure, a one-off fee of €3 per guide rather than a monthly commitment, reflects that difference", says Paul Dodson, the contributing editor of The Travel Gadget.

"We're providing professionally-written bolt-on content. Content to add visitor value to a city-based page on a site or an app, to compliment existing content rather than stand alone as the only written content on that page."

The Travel Gadget's collection of 200 mini city guides are now available to purchase from The Travel Gadget website.

Work on The Travel Gadget project is running in tandem with the development of The Festival Gadget - an ambitious project to list and maintain an updated database of 4,000 detailed festival descriptions.