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Photos of Copacabana

Check out all 6 photos of Copacabana.

Candles Burn in the Church of Copacabana - Copacabana photo
Big Clouds in a Blue Sky - Copacabana photo
El Calvario - Copacabana - Copacabana photo
The Pilgrimage Site at El Calvario - Copacabana photo
Pigs Scrounge For Food - Copacabana photo
Copacabana Church - Copacabana photo

Photos of Coroico

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Young Girls Pose For the Camera in Coroico - Coroico photo
Cobbled Streets and Mountainous Backdrop - Coroico photo
Coroico's Mountainous Backdrop - Coroico photo
The Late Afternoon Sky Over Coroico - Coroico photo
Palms and the Late Afternoon Sun - Coroico photo

Photos of Isla del Sol

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A Small Boat on Calm Seas - Lake Titicaca - Isla del Sol photo
Handicrafts For Sale - Isla del Sol photo
A Small Waterfall - Isla del Sol photo

Photos of La Paz

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Market Mayhem - La Paz - La Paz photo
Pigeons in La Paz - La Paz photo
Imperialism in Latin America? - La Paz photo
A Tangle of Wires - La Paz photo
Hardware For Sale - La Paz photo
La Paz Locals - La Paz photo

Photo of Lake Titicaca

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Lake Titicaca - Lake Titicaca photo

Photos of Santa Cruz

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A Colonial Building - Santa Cruz photo
Yellow, the Colour of Choice in Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz photo
A Street Vendor Selling Bananas - Santa Cruz photo
Your Move - Chess in Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz photo
Santa Cruz Town Square - Santa Cruz photo